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Security in your house, business or public organisation is crucial. With Group Secure's insurance approved safes, you can safeguard your jewellery, cash and valuables. Our small safes and big safes combine cutting-edge design with high-tech security measures. No need to worry about your belongings being stolen as one of our expertly trained engineers will take care of your safe installation.

Home Safe

It's always necessary to secure your personal possessions, such as cash, jewellery, and valuables at home. Investing in a house safe will aid in securing and guarding against theft or damage to these high valuables.

Fireproof Safe

Your documents are guaranteed to be safeguarded against harm even in the case of a fire for up to 120 minutes with our Group Secure fireproof safes that use high-quality refractory material that has undergone extensive testing. Our fireproof safes are expertly installed by our professionally trained staff and guard against water damage from sprinkler systems triggered by fire.

Eurograde Safe

We offer high security safes that are certified to at least Eurograde 2 levels and are given an EN1143-1 certification. The insurance rating from Eurograde safes range from Grade 0, which offers a cash insurance rating of £6, to Grade 7, which offers a cash insurance rating of £250K.

Wall Safe

A hidden wall safe provides additional security for valuables by concealing them. Group Secure wall safes are insurance approved, can safeguard up to £10K in cash, and provide reliable protection against theft and damage.

Gun Safe

Group Secure provides gun safes crafted in line with European laws on security precautions for gun ownership and are designed to store pistols, rifles, and ammunition safely. The size of the weapon is crucial for selecting the appropriate gun cabinet. Storage of pistols and revolvers differs from that of shotguns and rifles.

Floor Safe

Floor safes are ideal for hiding valuables because they are made to be positioned below floor level. Our selection is approved by insurance for up to £35K in cash and provides secure storage for up to 100I.

Bespoke Safe

Bespoke jewellery safes from Group Secure give customers the opportunity to create their own safe from scratch. Our tailor-made safes are built to the highest quality standards. From handles and exterior/interior finishes to drawer shelf arrangements, our committed designers assist you throughout the entire process. You can personalise your luxury safe's lighting design, lock and nameplate.

Get in touch to start designing your own luxurious bespoke safe.

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Group Secure always recommends:

  • Digital safe instead of a key safes.

  • Bolting safes to concrete.

  • Buying two different safes for security purposes, each safe in a different location.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below.

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