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Doordeck Smart Access Control

Doordeck provides rapid, reliable and secure smartphone contactless entry for any commercial building. All Group Secure engineers are certified Doordeck access control system experts.

Doordeck is also the perfect smartphone Contactless entry partner for Paxton access control systems.

How does it work?

For buildings that don't already have an access control system installed, the Doordeck Box is a smart access control system, that provides a combined hardware and software solution with the highest level of encryption and security, it provides the fastest way to unlock a door using NFC and your smartphone, whilst also being quick and cost-effective to purchase and install.

Doordeck removes the security risks, management time and cost that key cards and fobs create. No more lost, stolen, shared and cloned key cards and fobs.


Doordeck App & Contactless NFC Tile

Download the App & use your smartphone to scan Doordeck's NFC Tile

Doordeck cloud

The smartphone sends a request to the Doordeck cloud

In-house server.jpg

In-house access control server

The Doordeck Cloud then communicates with the buildings access control server.

Doordeck Box

Use the Doordeck Box as a stand-alone access control system if your building doesn't already have one.


Door unlocks

The Doordeck Box or the buildings' access control system then unlocks the door.

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NFC Innovators

Doordeck has always been ahead of the times. Other smartphone access control companies still use Bluetooth instead of NFC. Bluetooth is slow and unreliable, whilst NFC works first time every time.

Apple_watch_office_unlocking W600px 300dpi.jpg

Apple Watch App

Make unlocking even faster by adding Doordeck complications to your Apple Watch face. The Apple Watch enables you to unlock doors without you needing to get your iPhone out of your pocket.

Equiem car image W500px 72dpi.jpg

Doordeck Box PoE

The Doordeck Box PoE creates a stand-alone smart door access control system for up to 8 doors, gates, barriers or bollards and enables Doordeck smartphone contactless entry.

Doordeck W500PX 72DPI.jpg

Doordeck NFC Tile

The Doordeck Contactless Tile uses NFC technology with Doordeck's cloud infrastructure and the building access control system's server. Unlocking is as simple and quick as using contactless on your bank card.

Why we recommend?


Smartphone contactless entry

Near Field Communication (NFC) on iPhone and Android providing up to x5 more reliable and faster unlocking speeds compared to Bluetooth access control solutions.


Smartphone visitor management

Digital visitor passes enable access to a building with specific time entry, therefore there is no need to assign key cards and fobs for visitors anymore

Highest level of security

Role based hierarchical security with multi-factor authentication and banking level encryption. Removes security risks and expenses by not needing to issue new or replacement key cards or fobs.


Anywhere 24/7

Manage access control for multiple buildings just as easily as one via the web app from anywhere 24/7.

No extra cost for unlimited users

Secure, convenient, flexible and the most cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building. 

Access is provided to an unlimited number of staff or visitors for no extra cost.

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