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Because Group Secure understands the uniqueness of your home, we offer you a thorough on-site security survey to provide you with a unique and bespoke home security camera system.

Our highly skilled security engineers will then evaluate your property and offer recommendations for the best CCTV equipment.

Group Secure's experienced engineers provide expert installation of Full HD and 4K CCTV.

Installing a CCTV security system in and around your home is one of the most efficient ways to make sure your home feels safer and more secure.

Book your free no obligation survey here

Group Secure's different range of CCTVs 

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Dome CCTV Camera & Installation

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Resistant to vandalism

  • Covers all angles with 360° rotation

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Bullet CCTV Camera & Installation

  • Withstands all weather and environment conditions

  • Perceptible from a distance, serving as a deterrent

  • Capable of taking pictures from a great distance

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C-Mount CCTV Camera & Installation

  • Captures images at distance up to 40 feet away with interchangeable lenses

  • Properly visible to everyone at a distance

  • Perfect for outdoor spaces

All our CCTV cameras can be IP based, Wireless and HD

Options for controlling and monitoring home CCTV systems range from simple viewing over the internet or from your recording device, connection to our alarm receiving centre or your in-house security team, request your survey here.

Our expertly trained engineers will take care of your home CCTV installation.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below.

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