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Public Sector

The public sector covers a wide range of services and facilities, each of which has unique requirements for safety and security. Working constantly with a range of public sector clients has given Group Secure the chance to create efficient product solutions that satisfy the needs of all public sector organisations.

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Our Solutions

Working in a wide range of industries, Group Secure has designed and installed security systems for public sectors of all kinds. 



Group Secure's expertly trained engineers have the knowledge to customise new alarm systems to meet the precise requirements of your company because every requirement is unique.

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Group Secure understands the importance of security, thus our qualified experts will help you choose the CCTV surveillance system that best suits your company safety requirements.

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To match your unique needs, our in-house design experts can create fully customised automated gates and barriers from a variety of colours and sizes.

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The protection you require for protecting your money, valuables, and documents is guaranteed by a Group Secure bespoke safe. We ensure you'll find the ideal one for your needs from our vast selection of styles and insurance.

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Access Control

Public sector buildings are complex and have multiple entry points. Group Secure access control system provides the flexibility to secure parts that are only accessible to employees while opening up other public areas of a buildings.

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Grilles & Shutters

Group Secure's bespoke security grilles and shutters serve as great security measures that deter breaking and entering and ensure forced entries are prevented keeping your property safe and secure.

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