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Key Registration

A key that is no longer in your possession poses a greater threat to your safety and security. In order to provide property owners with total protection and peace of mind, our Group Secure safe key registration service uses only the most dependable processes.

To provide you with the best security for your application, Group Secure's cutting-edge key systems are created using industry-leading technology. Group Secure's key registration systems guarantee the prevention of unauthorised duplication of your keys.

Systems with restricted keys are made to give your house or place of business the highest level of security. Keep a record of all keys and manage access using security blanks to make sure no keys are made without your permission.

One of the biggest advantages of registered key systems is that they are made to be "pick proof", which makes it much harder to pick the lock or use a different key to obtain entry. This adds additional layers of security to your house or business, ensuring that no one may enter without your authorisation.


Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions.

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