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Group Secure provides excellent security camera systems that are expertly installed by our professional engineers who evaluate your specific premises requirements to choose the best design and solution for your wireless CCTV system.

CCTV can be a very useful tool in crime prevention, suspect identification, personal safety and general site management. When our surveyor visits we will discuss and help you decide exactly what you want your CCTV system to achieve and ensure operational requirement guidelines are met.

Whether you need a wireless outdoor home security camera or just a small CCTV camera, Group Secure has it.

Group Secure offers a range of cameras that suit your needs. These include market​-leading 4K (8MP) CCTV cameras which provide unparalleled image quality day and night. All images can be recorded for up to 30 days and backed up on our remote servers.

Our expertly trained enginee​rs will take care of your CCTV installation.

To discuss further, please feel free to request a survey.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below.

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