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Access Control

Group Secure access control provides a safe, practical, and adaptable solution to manage who has access to your building and when that access is permitted. Access control can provide you more functionality than locks and keys by combining with other security systems like CCTV, fire alarms, and intruder alarm systems for a comprehensive solution.

Our expertly trained engineers will take care of your access control installation.

Group Secure access control works on tokens or credentials for authentication purposes. A token can be:

  • Something the user knows: Such as password or pin, verified by keypads.

  • Something the user owns: Smart card, key fob, verified by swipe or proximity reader.

  • Something unique to the user: Fingerprint, iris scanner verified by a biometric reader.

The real strengths of this door entry system is in how these tokens can be controlled by the administrator. Even on a simple stand-alone door lock, the pin code can be quickly changed or an individual physical token can be barred.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below.

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