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Modern commercial CCTV systems are more advanced than ever. There are a tonne of features available to improve your business's functionality and integration. Group Secure specialises in creating and installing custom surveillance systems that satisfy unique corporate needs. 

Our surveyors will carry out a full security and risk assessment at your premises, provide recommendations for internal and external CCTV and if required provide any further advice for additional perimeter security.

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Group Secure's different range of CCTVs 

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Dome CCTV & Camera Installation

One of the most popular forms of CCTV cameras, this camera can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It is designed in a dome shape to be hidden but visible at the same time. Its design also makes it impossible to identify which way it is facing, making it perfect for deterring crime.

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Bullet CCTV & Camera Installation

This CCTV camera has a long and cylindrical shape. As these cameras often don't have a pan/tilt/zoom option, they are usually installed in fixed places or when long-distance viewing is necessary. These can be installed on a wall or ceiling and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. In challenging settings, protective shells are also available to make the camera waterproof or shield it from dirt and dust.

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C-mount CCTV & Camera Installation

Compared to dome or bullet cameras, these are less common. As their lenses are replaceable, they can be adapted to suit various purposes. Standard CCTV cameras normally cover only 35 to 40ft, with the appropriate lenses, a C-mount CCTV camera can cover more than 40ft.

Knowing which kind of security camera works best for your building and where to install it is crucial for your safety. Our professional team can assess the most likely entry points for a break in and recommend the ideal locations to install the system.

Although our private clients and business cameras have the same design, they offer different features. Commercial CCTV systems offer a broader field of view, more data storage, and superior image quality.

Our expertly trained engineers will take care of your commercial CCTV installation.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below.

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