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Door Intercom

Group Secure home intercom system acts as a smart door bell and gives you total peace of mind and control around-the-clock by allowing you to choose who you want to let into your house or building. Our door intercom system is professionally installed to increase your front door security and interior locks and prevent burglars and trespassers from entering your property. 

Choosing the right door intercom system installation can provide you with a high level of security. Our expertly trained engineers can assess your property and advise on the best system to choose.

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Audio Intercom System

With built-in high definition microphones and speakers for excellent communication, a single channel audio door intercom system is a contemporary and stylish door entry system to install. For single point entrance into a home and for limited areas requiring security clearance, audio intercom systems are ideal.

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Video Intercom Systems

Group Secure video intercom system allows you to see and speak with the person at the door giving you the extra layer of security you need. The door can then be manually opened or electronically released remotely. 


Keypad Intercom

The dual-purpose intercom keypad allows residents to unlock the door for themselves using a PIN code and visitors to call the resident to request entry access.

Upgrade your home safety level with our wide range of security solutions below. 

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